Absolute White Mouthwash

The innovative black mouthwash with active plant micro-particles with a whitening action that fully respects tooth enamel. The micro-particles, with a structure made up of 80% cavities, act on the surface of the tooth, capturing bacterial plaque and impurities stuck to the tooth enamel, performing a natural anti-staining action. With extracts of Icelandic lichen with soothing properties for teeth and gums and sage officinalis for freshening breath.

Mouthwash 15 secondi (250ml)

The rapid treatment guarantees a safe result. Excellent as an adjuvant in the treatment of acute periodontitis and peri-implantitis and against irritation of the throat and mucous membranes.

Mouthwash Spray 15 secondi (50ml)

Recommended for localised treatment of plaque at gum bleeding sites, treatment of throat irritations and bad breath of dental origin.

Mouthwash 15 secondi (1l)

Recommended before the start of dental treatment, before implantology and periodontology procedures, after every oral hygiene session and to reduce the level of environmental bacterial contamination by up to 30%.

Mouthwash 30 Giorni

Used for a one-month treatment cycle, it helps to reduce gum inflammation and maintain a healthy oral cavity. Also recommended for antiseptic prophylaxis of orthodontic appliances.

Mouthwash Protezione Totale

Its three active ingredients – triclosan, fluoride and xylitol – make it the perfect ally for preventing gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath and for remineralizing enamel therapies.

Mouthwash Protezione Totale compact (99ml)

With its convenient travel size and appealing taste that encourages regular use, it is the perfect mouthwash for everyday use away from home.