The complete line for oral hygiene

The Plakkontrol oral hygiene products represent a line of advanced products, functional to solve specific problems. Every need, from prevention to treatment, finds in Plakkontrol a professional answer, able to satisfy every oral hygiene need.

Specific products for the care and maintenance of dentures

The Fittydent line offers the most complete line of products to guarantee denture wearers the best solutions for fixing, cleaning and maintaining their dentures. In addition, Fittydent adhesives, thanks to their unique formulation, are unbeatable in terms of durability, comfort and adhesive strength.

Quality and innovation for denture wearers.

The Sorrident range is made up of products specially designed to guarantee stability and hygiene for wearers of lower dentures thanks to the presence of a special ‘cationic stabiliser’, which ensures strong and secure adhesion all day long.