Fittydent ANTIBACTERIAL Paste Double protection

Antibacterial and anti-filtering adhesive paste, kills bacteria while protecting the oral cavity and closes the space between the gum and the denture, preventing food residues from penetrating.

Fittydent Paste PLUS Anti-halitosis action

The innovative formula with chlorophyll extracts prevents the formation of unpleasant odours and provides fresh breath throughout the day.

Fittydent SENSITIVE paste Ultra 3

Adhesive paste for removable dentures with Aloe Vera and myrrh with triple action: antifungal, anti-inflammatory and healing. It guarantees a 12-hour hold and adhesion.

Fittydent Classic Paste

It adheres perfectly to the denture resin and the gum thanks to its insoluble formulation, preventing the infiltration of food and reducing the risk of infection.

Fittydent Denture Adhesive

Ideal for lower denture wearers and made of a special medical silk, the adhesives are soft and easy to adapt to the denture, filling any gaps between the denture and gum.

Fittydent Pre-formed Denture Adhesive

Pre-formed adhesives are easier and faster to use with the same adhesive power. They increase the stability of the dentures while protecting the gums from unpleasant irritation.

Sorrident Denture Adesive

Delicate adhesives, ideal for flat lower dentures that provide security and stability all day long.

Sorrident Adhesive paste

The special adhesive paste for upper dentures that extends the retention time due to the special Cationic Resin. Its total insolubility guarantees a stable hold throughout the day.