Interdental Brush with with fixed handle

With very high quality standards, they have a metal central core covered in plastic to avoid galvanic sensitisation phenomena (in the presence of implants, orthodontic appliances).
The Du Pont Nylon bristles are of different thicknesses and lengths to better remove plaque and are inserted using an innovative anti-fraying process.
Ready to use, they ensure maximum comfort and manageability.

Iterdental Brush FLEXIBRUSH

The brush body is flexible for easy cleaning of interdental spaces and the cylindrical tip ensures deep hygiene.

Interdental Brush with interchangeable handle

Nylon bristles prevent the brush from fraying. The bristles are of different thicknesses and lengths to remove stubborn plaque.

Interdental Brush “BRUSH & CLEAN

The rubber head allows a gentle massage of the gums, reactivating the microcirculation of the blood. Safe in the presence of implants, dentures, braces and bridges.

Interdental Brush “BRUSH & CLEAN Carbon”

Single-use brush with plastic body and rubber bristles, protects against gum injuries and damage to tooth enamel thanks to its rubberized head enriched with vegetable activated carbon microparticles.

Interdental Brush EASYPICK

The bi-material structure without metal components makes this brush flexible and easy to use. Effective in removing bacterial plaque and tartar.


RESISTANT PTFE-FLOSS: This is a particularly elastic microfibre that can be subjected to stress without breaking or fraying. The fibre used for Plakkontrol Flat Floss has special micro-corrugations on both sides to remove stubborn plaque deposits. In addition, the single monofilament floss provides a larger cleaning surface. Recommended for tight interdental spaces.


Removes more bacterial plaque than a traditional floss thanks to the special features that allow Fit Floss to expand during use and adapt perfectly to interdental spaces.


A floss with a whitening action thanks to microparticles of activated carbon that help remove surface stains from the interdental spaces and impurities attached to the enamel.

ISTANTFLOSS Interdental arch

Simplifies daily oral hygiene and easily reaches the posterior interdental spaces thanks to the double tip.

Orthodontic wax

It protects lips and cheeks from the painful ulcers that fixed orthodontic appliances can cause and promotes rapid healing.