Perfertto Carbon Toothbrush

The double-length bristles ensure better hygiene of the gum line, and the incorporated micro-particles of vegetable activated carbon help to maintain the natural whiteness of the teeth.

Perfetto Piuma Tootbrush

Thanks to its 10’000 ultra-fine bristles it is ideal for removing plaque without damaging enamel and gums. The nano-bristles reach even the most difficult places, for deep cleaning even in the interdental spaces and under the gum line.

Perfetto Toothbrush

The soft bristles gently massage the gums and clean the tooth surfaces. This promotes rapid healing from conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Single tuft Brush

Consisting of a single circular tuft of Nylon bristles, with a domed profile and contra-angle handle, it allows effective plaque removal from teeth with orthodontic bands or brackets, overlapping teeth or exposed bifurcations, areas under fixed bridges and endosseous implants, very large interdental spaces, the last tooth in the arch, occlusal surfaces with grooves.

Travel Kit (Absolute White + Perfetto Carbon)

Travel whitening kit with a medium-hard toothbrush with double-length bristles and absolute white toothpaste with detoxifying action and lemon fresh flavour.